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Moving truck promotion - One of the lowest CPM (Cost per Mile) impressions available in the market. It costs 10 dollars per thousand while a thousand for a color magazines ad and 10 thousand for a 30 second TV Commercial on a prime-time network.

To deliver the key message in the right place and interactive with you potential customers, truck advertising is your choice.

  • Product Launch

  • Branding

  • Products / services promotion

  • Leads Generation

Unique Advertising - 流動廣告宣傳車 - 利用環境優勢, 接觸不同層面的客戶, 配合不同網上廣告宣傳策略, 建立品牌形象, 直接接觸潛在客戶,


In order to make the event cost-effective, our experience team provides fully support service to drive success as well as increase market awareness. From production to post-event services, we tailor-made a unique plan for each client, include graphic design, truck wrapping, presentation strategy, human resource arrangement, pre-event and post-event promotion. Together with our excellent online marketing strategy, you can reach you target audience directly.

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流動廣告宣傳車 | Hong Kong | Unique Advertising

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